How to Use Tungsten Alloy Rivet Bar to Buck Rivets

Tungsten Alloy Rivet Bar Picture

Tungsten alloy bucking bar which is sometimes called tungsten alloy rivet buck, is used for bucking the rivets.

When you are going to buck rivets, this is just another name for setting them in place. A rivet is essentially a metal pin with a head on one end and a shank that goes through a hole between two pieces of metal. When the head is compressed against a tungsten alloy bucking bar on the shank side, the shank has no where to go and expands outward forming another head. These two heads on either side act as a fastener and hold the piece of metal tightly together.

1.Place the rivet to be bucked into a rivet hole.

2.Push the pneumatic hammer against the head of the rivet, while at the same time placing the tungsten alloy bucking bar(rivet bar) on the shank of the rivet.

3.Find the center of the shank with the tungsten alloy bucking bar(rivet bar). This does not have to be an exact science, but the closer the center can be found while pushing against the shank, the more symmetrical the expansion of the rivet shank will be.

4.Hold the tungsten alloy bucking bar(rivet bar) steady against the shank once the center has been found, then activate the pneumatic hammer to drive the rivet home.